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Why You Should Have an Alarm System

Monitored alarm systems enable individuals to safeguard their homes and businesses even when they are away from their properties. These systems are connected to alarm monitoring companies that will monitor the alarm activity at the home or business 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, even on public holidays. They have the capacity to detect when the protected property has been breached and will send authorities within minutes of the alarm being triggered.

The systems are different from audible-only alarms that only give off a blaring audible alarm and are not monitored. Audible alarms are great to safeguard against criminals entering the property illegally because they are not aware of whether or not the alarm is affiliated with a monitoring system. However, a number of benefits are there to having a monitored alarm system installed.

Among the essential benefits of the monitored alarm system is that homeowners are provided with peace of mind. There are quite a few reasons for providing additional protection to the property; however for many individuals, their primary concern is their family. Monitored alarms can alleviate some of the anxiety of the homeowners as it relates to whether their family is secure when they are near or far.

No longer is alarm monitoring just about detecting intruders in the home or place of business. Other home security products such as carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms can be hooked up to be monitored as well. This allows the alarm monitoring company to get in contact with the relevant authorities in the event that there are other forms of emergencies in the property. A lot of alarm systems are equipped with a panic feature similar to a lot of car alarms. In addition, individuals have the option of activating the alarm by remote control in case of a personal emergency or if there is a suspicion that something is off on the property upon arrival; this will allow the proper authorities to react within minutes. It is also great for individuals who are disabled or elderly to call for help whenever necessary.

One of the other crucial benefits of a monitored alarm system is the potential discount that can be received from the insurance provider for having an alarm system installed on the property. A number of homeowners are oblivious to this benefit; however, the savings could be quite considerable. In a lot of cases, as much as 20% could be saved per year. The insurance provider can offer steep discounts given that the increased security measures that are on the property will make it a lot less likely that a claim will be made for damages.

Monitored alarms have the capacity to provide more superior protection, as well as better insurance rates; however, these systems will, most importantly, provide peace of mind when it is known that the family and property are more secure. When the many ways in which alarm monitoring can actually save lives are taken into consideration, it will be an easy conclusion to make. In the long run, it will pay for itself many times over.

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