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Recently German AV-TEST released its third quarter assessment report of the antivirus 2011, and totally 32 antivirus products are involved in the assessment. Now we will share its result here, hope it can provide the useful guidance for your choice of the antivirus purchase.

Norton 360 reminds you of the surge of the fake express

Symantec Norton security center released the junk emails report of this October, which shows that many online crimes utilized the express signature to make frauds and obtain illegal. To be specific, the junk emails will be pretended to be messages from some institutions or business organization by crime makers, who especially prefer to use the title of the express company, such like Fedex, UPS and DHL, such emails will ask the readers to pick up the package from the designated office, sometimes it will also say that the postal address is not correct.

Kaspersky defends against the hacking attacks with its unique de

Kaspersky research center reported that some unique designs are adopted to defend against the hacking attacks this September, among them, the number if the attacks aiming at the large scale organizations increased a lot, and at the preliminary stage of theses attackes, emails are always used to spread these vicious programs.

Norton 360 remind you keep away from the new ads Trojan varietas

Recently, the new ads Trojan varietas called Trojan_Startpage AQLK was discovered in the nationlal network investigation. AQLK distorts the IE configuration information recklessly and leads to the designated Web ads pages preset by Trojan, and this malicious action undoubtedly will bring safety problems online. Symantec thus released Norton 360 version 5 to protect your computers.

Norton Internet Security 2012 holds up the fake brand official s

It is reported that more and more fake brand official websites were disclosed in recent days. In order to gain great probits, some people just used the big brand to sell fake goods online. Considering the constant and abundant fake brand websites update, Norton Internet Security 2012 is equipped with cloud joint technique, it has intercepted thousands of fake brand sites every week, and the intercepted PV even amounts to 1,300,000.

Symantec released Norton 360 5.0 to defend against Stuxnet.

Recently Symantec reported that several European companies computer system were affected by Stuxnet, which leaded to disclose a large number of confidential documents and information data, while 360 security revealed that such kind of virus were discovered first this June, and one of the high-tech enterprise was hacked at that time, it is said that this enterprise possesses its own developed bluetooth technology and FMC solution, which are probably the targets of the hacking.

Norton Internet Security 2012 : prevent the computers from being

One day soemone sent some photos through MSN, and said that there are some pictures taken when travelling at the National Day holiday. Due to my curiosity, I received, and the result is that my computer was hacked. The antivirus can not run, and I was not able to access to the safety mode, when I am going to turn to the security website for help, the operation was denied. What’s worse, the shut down button disappeared. It is obvious that the virus was brought by the photos vis MSN. In order to obtain more information, I reported it to Norton Internet Security center, after analysis, the new virus called grey illustration was disclosed. The experts adviced the users to install Norton Internet Security 2012 at Teezsoft timely so as to protect the computers more effectively.

Kaspersky Internet Security report that hackers will not stop th

Sina microblog was attacked for almost one hour this June, Kaspersky Internet Security experts pointed out that bugs were discovered in several famous websites and softwares recently, it is estimated that there will be more network security crimes in the following months. The net citizens should pay more attention to this and Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 can help you to protect computer safety.

Norton Internet Security remind you to pay attention to Bitcoin.

Just by clicking the mouse once, the hackers can transfer 25000 bitcoins into his own account, this amount is equal to USD 500.000 actually, and it is hard to track this transaction. The bitcoins owner publishes this case online, but nothing will be changed. What lost is lost. This hacker becomes the fist stealer who stolen bitcoins in this June. So Norton Internet Security warn you to pay more attention to it, and Norton Internet Security 2012 was also releeased, you can download Norton Internet Security 2012 at Teezsoft to protect your computer safety from now on.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 prevents the computers from bei

Since the malicious URL injection is one of the important way for the Trojan to be spreaded, many kinds of antiviruses are developed to defend against it, including Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. the users can put a patch on their computers so as to improve their capacity to protect the computers, on the other hand, Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is equipped with cloud engine and built up with several layers of protection systems, so that the Trojan can be intercepted 100% and make it possible for your computers to keep far away from viruses.

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