Vivint Security System

Vivint Incorporated has been doing business since 1999 providing services to over 500,000 satisfied customers. Vivint Security System is just one of the products that they offer. They also provide home energy solutions and they are one of the largest home automation companies operating throughout North America and Canada.

The Vivint Incorporated Mission

Their mission is to offer simple and affordable home automation and security systems. They have put together products that work together to not only provide safety and security but improve energy efficiency in the home. This is accomplished by combining the Vivint security system and the Vivint Go! Control panel with technology most homeowners already have.

Add-On Packages

The homeowner can install the basic Vivint Security system then build upon it of mix and match their other products when they are ready. Their smart technology enhances security, increases energy efficiency and creates simple and affordable home automation solutions for their costumers. Help save the planet and save money on your monthly utility bill with their energy package

Simple & Affordable

In the end the homeowner can have a home automation system that will simplify their life as well as save them time and money. With the Vivint Go! Control panel their streamlined network of products easily connects the home’s security, HVAC, lighting, small appliances, video and more. The customer can monitor and activate any of the connected systems from anywhere in the world.

For one low fee the customer will receive:

Door & Window Sensors
Motion Detector
Key Fob
Smart Thermostat
Lamp & Small Appliance Control
Energy Efficient Flourescent Light Bulbs
Video Camera
Auto Door Lock
Yard Sign
Their satisfied customers have remarked on how easy-to-use the wireless, touch screen control panel is and how impressed they have been with the customer service and world class monitoring system. If the alarm is tripped by an intruder the homeowner is contacted immediately through their two way voice feature on the panel.

Another great feature of the Vivint Security System is that it is completely wireless. They don’t utilize phone lines which are easy for intruders to cut, everything communicates by using cell signals. In the event an intruder should cut off the utilities the alarm will still go off. In one instance an intruder had broken into a home and triggered the alarm. While the alarm was sounding the intruder pulled the panel off the wall. To his dismay the alarm continued to sound.

Customers have also noted that they liked the ability to build their own package. They also liked the freedom to add or subtract products to create their own personal package tailored to the specific needs of their home.

Anyone who wants to have a home that is a fully automated smart home that is also safe, secure and energy efficient should look into the Vivint line of home automation products. Vivint customers have given their company, customer service and products high reviews.