Video Security Systems and Home Security

Without an effective video security system, your home is at a high risk of invasion and burglary. There are more home invasions today than ever, regardless of where you live. Having a surveillance system that includes video footage is vital. Here are four basic reasons why your home must be equipped with a video security system.

1. Burglars are more likely to avoid homes with video surveillance. In a study recently done by Rutgers University, 30 – 40% of criminals admitted that they would avoid homes if they recognized an active video system. The video surveillance makes the home look less attractive to the burglar. It also keeps them from entering any neighboring homes. The majority of would-be intruders will abandon the thought of entering a home installed with video surveillance.

2. Catch and prosecute the criminal. Many criminals get away with their crimes just because there is not enough proven evidence against them. With the installation of a simple video surveillance camera, a homeowner can capture the criminal’s image, which is necessary for prosecution charges. There are real news stories of homeowners that have interior video cameras installed and the footage is connected to the internet. One woman, who was able to view her living room from her work desk, noticed a man in her house taking her belongings. She alerted the police, and they were able to respond quickly enough to catch the thief.

3. Monitor housekeepers and nannies. Specialized cameras designed to fit the décor of an interior space, are used by many parents to observe their hired help. Even if a background check is performed on a nanny, and several good references are made, there is always a possibility that wrongful and/or violent behavior is happening in your home against your children. In some cases, housekeepers have been caught stealing valuables from homeowners. These are the thieves that you invite into your home. Make sure you are aware of what they are really up to.

4. Protect you and your neighbors from illegal and gang activity. Studies have proven that homes that are well lit during the night, even in rough neighborhoods, are less likely to be infiltrated with illegal or gang activity. Drug exchanges, turf wars, and damaging graffiti are all done under the cover of darkness. With a video system installed on the exterior of your home, complete with security lights, your house will be fortified against unlawful activity. Gangs of drug dealers and criminals are not only discouraged from coming close to your house; they will also stay away from your neighbors’ homes too. This can make your whole neighborhood a safer place.