Define Internet Security

How do we define Internet security? Things have changed since the earliest days of computer viruses and spyware. Today, Internet security is a very broad topic.

First of all, there is a bigger list of threats. Here are some of them:

Scareware (such as fake antivirus programs)
Back Doors
Keystroke Loggers
And several more
Many of these threats overlap and become part of each other. For example, Trojans deliver other malware like spyware and adware. Phishing can lead to rootkit infections and backdoors to hackers.

Some may only force you to view ads and do little harm otherwise. Others can turn your system into a “zombie computer” that becomes part of a “botnet” and is controlled by a “CC or command and control center”. This reminds of the Borg in the Star Trek movies. Remember “resistance is futile”? Yeah, that could be you.

Even a single threat like a specific virus sometimes gets reincarnated regularly. As soon as antivirus companies (AV companies) discover one and create a solution for it, the virus authors begin working on a variation that isn’t found by the solution, sometimes within hours. This means that the AV vendors are always behind the curve.

Corporate networks have the same problems that you do but on a much bigger scale. Their IT (Information Technology) departments work tirelessly to lock down the company networks so that only authorized traffic gets in or out and they steer clear of threats.

Generally, all of these categories and variations of threats are now just called “malware”. So, one way to define Internet security might be:

“Internet security is the attempt to protect computers and networks, while connected to the Internet, from malware and unauthorized access”

That’s just my definition, though. And to expand a little more, Internet security is a combination of human intervention and vigilance along with software security tools used at various points in a network and on computers.

As a side note, we want to protect them after they’re disconnected from the Internet as well because some malware has a delay action built in. Also, malware gets carried from computer to computer via flash drives and other storage devices.

So, to define Internet security might only take a sentence or two but it covers a whole lot of territory when you get into the details. Be sure to look around and get educated so that you can make sure you have a top Internet security solution too.

Vivint Security System

Vivint Incorporated has been doing business since 1999 providing services to over 500,000 satisfied customers. Vivint Security System is just one of the products that they offer. They also provide home energy solutions and they are one of the largest home automation companies operating throughout North America and Canada.

The Vivint Incorporated Mission

Their mission is to offer simple and affordable home automation and security systems. They have put together products that work together to not only provide safety and security but improve energy efficiency in the home. This is accomplished by combining the Vivint security system and the Vivint Go! Control panel with technology most homeowners already have.

Add-On Packages

The homeowner can install the basic Vivint Security system then build upon it of mix and match their other products when they are ready. Their smart technology enhances security, increases energy efficiency and creates simple and affordable home automation solutions for their costumers. Help save the planet and save money on your monthly utility bill with their energy package

Simple & Affordable

In the end the homeowner can have a home automation system that will simplify their life as well as save them time and money. With the Vivint Go! Control panel their streamlined network of products easily connects the home’s security, HVAC, lighting, small appliances, video and more. The customer can monitor and activate any of the connected systems from anywhere in the world.

For one low fee the customer will receive:

Door & Window Sensors
Motion Detector
Key Fob
Smart Thermostat
Lamp & Small Appliance Control
Energy Efficient Flourescent Light Bulbs
Video Camera
Auto Door Lock
Yard Sign
Their satisfied customers have remarked on how easy-to-use the wireless, touch screen control panel is and how impressed they have been with the customer service and world class monitoring system. If the alarm is tripped by an intruder the homeowner is contacted immediately through their two way voice feature on the panel.

Another great feature of the Vivint Security System is that it is completely wireless. They don’t utilize phone lines which are easy for intruders to cut, everything communicates by using cell signals. In the event an intruder should cut off the utilities the alarm will still go off. In one instance an intruder had broken into a home and triggered the alarm. While the alarm was sounding the intruder pulled the panel off the wall. To his dismay the alarm continued to sound.

Customers have also noted that they liked the ability to build their own package. They also liked the freedom to add or subtract products to create their own personal package tailored to the specific needs of their home.

Anyone who wants to have a home that is a fully automated smart home that is also safe, secure and energy efficient should look into the Vivint line of home automation products. Vivint customers have given their company, customer service and products high reviews.

Do It Yourself Home Security System

We live in an age of uncertainty and every bit of security that is available to us and our homes is always welcome. Family security begins with securing your home and a home alarm system is fundamental to that. If you are a good fixer upper you can look at the possibility of buying a do it yourself home security system on the market and installing it yourself. And you will have the satisfaction of being sure that the alarm system has been properly installed and will work when it should.

There are two basic options for you to consider in the do it yourself home security system – the ones that provide only intruder alerts or those that also offer fire alarms.While the cost of the intruder plus fire DIY alarm systems is higher, keep in mind that you will be saving some money in terms of the lower insurance premiums that you are entitled to with both intruder and fire alarms.Before beginning there are two important issues that need to be considered.

There are simple do it yourself home security systems and complex ones and everything in between and you need to know that what you are spending your money on has what you need but is not making you pay for features that are useless to you – spending money needlessly defeats one of the main aims of the do it yourself home security system. DIY security systems system come in varying degrees of complexity and you should check that what you are buying is something that you will be able to install yourself – if possible read the installation manual before buying.

There are two technologies options available in DIY alarm systems – wireless and wired.The wireless DIY alarm systems is easy to install because there is hardly any wiring involved but the drawback is that these systems are easily affected by radio signals and other forms of electronic interference that cause them to give false alarms.

Alternatively you could opt for a hard wired do it yourself home security system which requires far more installing in terms of the extensive wiring involved, but which is generally accepted as being the more reliable option.And finally you have to take a decision on whether your DIY alarm system should just give off a loud sound when activated or if it should include an automated dialer system that will notify the police if the alarm is tripped.

GE Wireless Security System

What makes a good home alarm system the best home alarm system? GE Wireless Security System found a way to make their product even better! It starts with great technology, state-of-the-art monitoring center, a group of dedicated security specialists, and 24/7 customer service that contributes to a homeowner’s peace of mind!

GE Wireless Security System offers packages that combine surveillance, detection, access control, environmental monitoring, as well as fire and burglary. With GE Wireless Security, it is never a one size fits all package. packages to suit every need and budget are offered for greater flexibility. The packages can be for single homes to multi-family, condominiums, apartment buildings and even detached buildings. Flexibility and customization make this security system one the easiest to work with.

GE Wireless Security System Pro 400 Network X

This package is perfect for the alarm system requirements of a small residential home. It can be expanded to 4 programmable zones, each with its own set of customized options that can be changed from the touchpad. It is capable of having the system transmit wirelesslly or it can be hardwired into the phone lines. It can also accommodate up to 8 user codes and has 1 panic code. Fire and burglar alarms are covered and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Security Pro 400 Network X can be expanded to the next level should the needs of the homeowners change. It can be fully integrated into other Network X Packages.

GE Wireless Security System Pro 600 Network X and the Pro 800 Network X:

This package has all the features of the Pro 400 Network X, plus an additional 2 programmable zones for a total of 6. All zones are programmed to monitor fire and burglary. There are also smoke detectors for added security and safety. There are 40 user codes available for use.

On the other hand, the Pro 800 Network X starts with 48 programmable zones which can all be wireless. Smoke detectors can also be integrated into the system. Fire and burglar alarms are monitored round-the clock.

Like the Pro 400 Network X, this GE Wireless Security System is backed by the latest technology and a monitoring center that addresses all concerns of the homeowners. Calls to and from the center are recorded and monitored, alarms are checked every single time by calls to the homeowners phones and email notifications go out simultaneously. Non-response calls are escalated to the next level and help is dispatched without further delays.

For condominiums, apartment buildings and multi-family homes, GE Wireless Security System has the GE Security Pro 801 Network Systems and The GE Security Pro 500 Hardwire Systems. These systems offer a wider range of monitoring services, more programmable zones that can all be customized from the touchpads and monitoring round-the-clock.

GE Wireless Security System has proven itself to be the best for residential and institutional use. Calling the monitoring center is easy, because there’s just one number to remember. Routing of calls happens in seconds, so the right department always knows the reason for the call, whether it’s technical assistance or billing questions. With GE Wireless Security System, help is always just one phone call away.

ADT Security System

There are many reasons why people choose the ADT Security system for their home. ADT has been a leader in the security industry for many years and they offer a wide range of products to their customers, and are sure to have a security package that is just right for you and your family. Whether you contact them online or call them directly, a salesperson from ADT Home Security will take the time to evaluate your home and your personal security needs and work with you one-on-one to come up with a solution that’s just right for your family. They’re monthly monitoring fees are very competitive with others on the market, and installing one of their systems will also save you up to 20% on your homeowner’s insurance.

When selecting a security company that offers twenty-four hour monitoring, you want one that you trust and that you know will have well trained staff that will be knowledgeable about what to do in the event of an emergency. ADT Home Security prides itself on its training program for their monitoring staff. Their staff will immediately notify police or emergency services in case an alarm is tripped; this can provide a lot of peace of mind to someone that lives alone or that travels a lot.

AARP Discounts From ADT Home Security

Members of AARP are given special discounts for the ADT Security system, including 10% off the total price of installation for a new system and $1 off their monthly monitoring rate. Their existing customers who are members of AARP can save 10% off an upgrade or new system.

Seniors also appreciate SecurityLink from ADT Home Security, which is a two-way intercom that allows users to communicate with a monitoring professional from virtually anywhere in their home. This way if there is a fall or other medical emergency, there is no need to struggle to get to the phone or the alarm keypad. Even those who are not seniors but who might appreciate the added convenience of a home intercom may appreciate this added feature from ADT Home Security.

Other Alarms Available

Being protected from burglars and intruders is one thing, but keeping yourself safe from fire and carbon monoxide is also important. ADT Home Security also offers a full line of alarm sensors for both. They will immediately notify you and emergency personnel if either alarm is tripped.

Customer Monitoring Centers

One of the advantages of using a company as well-established as ADT Home Security is that their monitoring centers are all connected with one another. If the connection to the monitoring center that is assigned to your home is interrupted, another monitoring center will immediately take over.

If you’re looking for an alarm monitoring system, you can’t go wrong with the ADT security system. They are affordable, dependable, and dedicated to customer service. So if you want security on your property outside or security on the home’s inside, visit their website or give them a call today.