Security Camera Surveillance Equipment

If you are fed up with crime in your neighborhood and wish to do a little extra to protect yourself and your home, you might want to consider installing some wireless camera equipment for security and surveillance. For as little as $500 you can purchase a couple of wireless security cameras that will transmit images back to your home computer. Of course, if your house is larger than the average, you will need additional cameras to obtain complete coverage with no blind spots.

Hidden or Visible Cameras

Do you want to place the cameras where they can be seen as to act as a deterrent, or disguise them to look like something other than a camera? If they are going to be in plain sight, then they should be out of reach as not to be tampered with. Hidden security cameras are manufactured to look like animals like birds and squirrels with security cameras inside them.

Placement of Cameras

The first thing you have to determine is where the cameras have to be positioned to obtain complete coverage of your compound. Also keep in mind that occasionally lenses must be cleaned and routine maintenance performed, so place them where they can be reached by you on your ladder. If possible, they should be placed to avoid as much of the weather as possible.

By far and away the most frequent problem people encounter with their security camera surveillance equipment is signal blockage. Most times this occurs when there are mass amounts of electrical wiring between the camera and the computer. Large plumbing configurations also block wireless signals. If you find yourself in this situation, you may have to purchase a wireless jumper unit that would bypass the problem areas to make your security camera surveillance equipment as effective as possible.

How the System Works

The security camera surveillance equipment works by broadcasting images via your home wireless system to the computer in your home that you have selected to receive them. Once the image has been received by the computer, it decodes it and allows you to view it, either one camera at a time, or on a split screen watching multiple feeds at the same time.

Once the video camera has sent an image to your computer, you can record the video feed to your hard drive or a tape backup system or let it play live. Oftentimes the video feed can be quite lengthy, so make sure you have plenty of room on your hard drive to record it on.

With a little skill, you can definitely install your own security cameras and surveillance equipment.