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March 9, 2016, 2:21:20 pm, UTC

Despite the best efforts of police services around the world, crime is still a major issue. In fact, depending on which city you live, you may have up to a one in four chance of becoming a victim of crime. With this in mind, a well thought out security plan is essential. Whilst there are now many technologies available to help with one’s security efforts, home alarm systems are often the most essential tool to use.

The most basic type of system is one fitted with multiple motion sensors, as well as window and door “latch” sensors. When any of these sensors are tripped – either by motion through a room, or by the opening of a window/door breaking a circuit – the main unit will sound the alarm.

These types of alarms are so common that it is now almost unheard of for a property in an urban area not to have one installed. However, as discussed, these are the most basic types of system. A step up from this are alarms that connect to a remotely-manned control center, which can monitor the system’s status and alert the police in the case of a break in.

The costs will of course increase if a more advanced system is purchased. As well as the initial cost to buy the system and have it installed, a control center-monitored unit will incur monthly service changes. However, whilst the sound of a basic unit might not be enough to rouse the neighbors, people who choose a control center unit can be sure that if the property is invaded, the police will be called.

If alarms are not enough to ensure one’s peace-of-mind, some people also use one or more CCTV cameras. Cameras, which are rarely seen outside of retail or commercial environments, can act as a good deterrent to crime. In addition to this, some manufactures now offer models that only activate if a linked system is tripped.

Some of the more expensive devices – both alarms and CCTV cameras – are internet enabled. In fact, even models that are not can be connected to a PC, and through the use of specialized software, can broadcast their status over the internet.

Some of the bigger manufacturers have also released smart phone apps, with a fairly impressive array of features. The features differ from system to system, but in general, these types of applications allow the user to remotely check the status of their alarm, see their camera’s video feed and set alert triggers so, for example, the user will be notified if a motion sensor is triggered.

The use of technology can be very useful in protecting one’s home and family. However, with increasingly sophisticated security systems, it is important to not become complacent. It is still necessary to ensure locks are sufficiently strong, and windows cannot be easily broken.

Whether you prefer to kit your house out like a bank, with a multitude of security devices, or you feel comfortable using good quality home alarm systems, stick to the common sense principals of security to ensure you remain safe.