Are You Concerned About Home Security?

Many homeowners and family heads are increasingly concerned about home security. Crime rates continue to go up everywhere, and more and more persons are worried about gun crimes, home invasions, and burglary. It’s a sad fact that a person cannot be safe while inside their own home.

It’s not pure paranoia that makes someone concerned about their own personal property and home security for their family. Not only are crimes on the rise, but violent crimes are increasing as well. And what is truly disturbing is that many crimes are committed by persons who seem to get younger and younger every year. There seems to be no respect taught for someone else’s property and possessions. If someone wants something, they just reach out and take it – without any concern for whether or not they hurt someone else in the process. So if you’re concerned about home security for you and your family, what can you do? Should you just get a gun and surround your property with barbed wire? Do you need to be suspicious of every person jogging down your street?

Chances are you don’t need to go to those extremes. There are many simple strategies to increase your own home security without bringing a gun into the house or turning your house into a fortress. Sometimes common sense solutions are all that’s needed for one’s home security.

Being aware of your surroundings and of strangers on your street is a good idea. If you see someone in your neighbor’s yard and it doesn’t look as if they belong there, and especially if you know your neighbor are not home, then you should consider calling the police. Part of your own home security is letting potential thieves know that your block is well observed. It also helps to make sure the city is keeping the streetlights in good repair and that they are working properly. Light is also important for your own home security, so be sure that your outside lights are working as well. Installing a light over the garage and near the entrances of your house are very important steps. Any home security expert will tell you how important that proper lighting is to home security.

It’s also important to be careful of unwanted visitors when considering your own home security. Be wary of persons that identify themselves as city workers, utility workers, or anyone else that wants to come into your home or onto your property. All utility workers will have identification badges with their pictures, but don’t even assume that this is enough to identify them. Before letting them in, call the utility company and confirm the visit. There have been many unfortunate instances of con artists and criminals forcing their way into a home by using this type of approach.

So yes, there are many reasons to be worried about home security. But if you use these common sense approaches, you can lessen your risk of crime greatly.

Advantages of Home Security Survelliance

There could be any number of reasons why someone would want to use home security surveillance for their private residence. It could be that you suspect someone that works for you is stealing. Or maybe you’re concerned about your teenager’s comings and goings while you’re at work. Or crime is up in your neighborhood. Whatever the reason, home security surveillance has its positive benefits and its drawbacks as well. Let’s explore just a few of these here, and then you can be better prepared to decide if this investment is for you.

First, note that there are typically two types of home security surveillance videos. One is recorded to a video tape or DVD, and you play it back at your leisure or watch it on a monitor while it’s being recorded. Another broadcasts the video to a website while it records.

The advantage of one over the other is that the website broadcast can be viewed anywhere that there’s an internet connection. If you’re considering home security surveillance because you suspect your teenager is doing something he or she shouldn’t when you’re at work, you can log in, watch the broadcast, and then call home and tell them to get off the couch and get their chores done, or to send their friends home, or to put that bag of chips back in the cupboard.

You can also do this if you have a nanny or babysitter watching your children when you’re away. In cases like this, you want to just log in quickly and check on things, rather than needing to actually save recordings of the video. Of course, not many choose this type of home security surveillance, but it’s interesting that many daycare centers and nursing homes are now offering it as part of their pricing. Parents can watch their children when they’re at work and you can be assured that your elderly parent or relative is not being harmed while you’re away.

The other type of home security surveillance that records the video to a tape or DVD is best used if you suspect someone is stealing or vandalizing your property. You may not be able to monitor your property twenty-four hours per day, and of course not while you sleep, but buy using this type of home security surveillance, you are able to have a recording in case you need to call the police or show up in court.

Of course, you want to be sure that you’re not using your home security surveillance to do anything illegal or that might unnecessarily bother the neighbors. Don’t be taping their yard or their activities. And definitely don’t tape someone in your house without their knowledge if they were to have a reasonable expectation of privacy. There have been many cases of persons being sued because they used home security surveillance in this way. Not only might you face monetary fines, you could actually go to jail depending on who you taped and what you do with the tapes afterward.