Do It Yourself Home Security System

We live in an age of uncertainty and every bit of security that is available to us and our homes is always welcome. Family security begins with securing your home and a home alarm system is fundamental to that. If you are a good fixer upper you can look at the possibility of buying a do it yourself home security system on the market and installing it yourself. And you will have the satisfaction of being sure that the alarm system has been properly installed and will work when it should.

There are two basic options for you to consider in the do it yourself home security system – the ones that provide only intruder alerts or those that also offer fire alarms.While the cost of the intruder plus fire DIY alarm systems is higher, keep in mind that you will be saving some money in terms of the lower insurance premiums that you are entitled to with both intruder and fire alarms.Before beginning there are two important issues that need to be considered.

There are simple do it yourself home security systems and complex ones and everything in between and you need to know that what you are spending your money on has what you need but is not making you pay for features that are useless to you – spending money needlessly defeats one of the main aims of the do it yourself home security system. DIY security systems system come in varying degrees of complexity and you should check that what you are buying is something that you will be able to install yourself – if possible read the installation manual before buying.

There are two technologies options available in DIY alarm systems – wireless and wired.The wireless DIY alarm systems is easy to install because there is hardly any wiring involved but the drawback is that these systems are easily affected by radio signals and other forms of electronic interference that cause them to give false alarms.

Alternatively you could opt for a hard wired do it yourself home security system which requires far more installing in terms of the extensive wiring involved, but which is generally accepted as being the more reliable option.And finally you have to take a decision on whether your DIY alarm system should just give off a loud sound when activated or if it should include an automated dialer system that will notify the police if the alarm is tripped.

Home Alarm Systems Contain a Control Keypad

With the high rate of crimes such as burglaries and home invasions or possibly fires and even sometimes such things as carbon monoxide leaks, a home alarm system can be a great investment for home owners as well as renters.

Some home alarm systems are designed to notify parents when their children arrive home from school, which is a good way for parents to know when their children have arrived. This type of feature notifies the parents either by using a pager system or in some cases a phone call.

Home alarm systems contain a control keypad which is used to activate or deactivate the system. The other parts consist of a phone jack, bells or some type of alarm, a battery, transformer, and sensors for the doors and windows of a house or apartment.

The system is generally in a metal box that can be located in a closet or the basement. A battery which is contained within the box supplies power in case the power to the house should go out due to a storm or for some other reason.

Due to the fact that most alarm systems are low voltage, a transformer may be connected to the system box and plugged into an electrical outlet close to the box.

Magnetic sensors are attached to the doors and windows. When the windows or doors are closed, voltage flows through the sensors, however, if a window or door is opened the contact is broken and the bells or alarm will ring. Some home alarm systems are designed to activate the bells or alarm if the glass in a window or door is broken.

There are some monitoring agencies that have wireless home alarm systems which can eliminate the need for wiring. When monitoring agencies are used, they can call whatever agency is needed in an emergency such as a fire or an intruder.