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In the past couple of years, VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has become an ever increasing presence in so many residences, and businesses. A good deal of those customers have monitored alarm systems. Along with that there has been a great deal of confusion over how VOIP interfaces with monitored security systems. These pages are designed to try to help clear up some of the confusion.

Currently, not a day goes by that our office doesn’t get a call from someone that has concerns about having VOIP service in their home or office, and how that affects their alarm. Most customers in our area either have ATT uverse, Surewest digital voice, Comcast Digital Cable, or Vonage. These four typically comprise of over 90% of non-traditional phone services that we see. If you have one of these services, please read carefully.

The modems that security systems are engineered with, are analog, and were built to work with POTS lines (plain old telephone service). When these modems were engineered and built into security systems, digital phone service had not even been invented yet. These same modems are still being manufactured today, and found in over 98% of all security systems. Whether you have an ADEMCO/HONEYWELL system, a DSC system, or a GE system, the modems are pretty generic, and are prevalent in all of them.

Each of these manufacturers has released statements, either as a technical release, a public newsletter, or both, stating that their products were never designed to work with Digital Voice products, and that they simply are not going of offer any kind of guarantee of service. Note that they did not say that it wouldn’t work, simply that they were not designed to work with them, and that they do not recommend connecting a VOIP service to their security system.

This is important to understand. No one is saying that they will never work, just that it is unreliable. I have heard from customers for the past two years now saying that their phone service provider said it would work fine with their alarm. No it doesn’t…You’re asking a phone company about a product they do not sell, install, or service, and furthermore, you are asking a salesperson, who is trying to sell you a phone service about compatibility.

Our techs troubleshoot these systems every single day. Our conclusion is that of the engineers and manufacturers. It may work, and it may not. I have seen signals go through just fine, and literally 2 minutes later, not work at all.

Another important note: Our best success rates so far have been with Comcast Digital Voice. So far, our testing has led us to over 90% success rate with this carrier. It is important as well to note that River City Alarm Inc is in no way partnered with Comcast, nor do we receive any benefit, financially or otherwise whatsoever for making these claims…Its simply our testing has shown that their protocol for digital voice seems to work very well with analog alarms systems.

What to do about it?

If you do have one of the above listed Digital Voice services, and you are experiencing failure to communicate problems with your alarms system, there is something you can do. Currently our company is using the Teleguard TG-1 Cellular radio, for exclusive transmission of alarm signals. There are other manufacturers of Cellular radios for security systems, but for cost, ease of install, and reliability of the unit, we have chosen the TG-1 as our go to unit. These cellular radios wire right into the alarms system, and provide dial tone to the alarm so the alarm can send signals. Signals are sent from the Cellular radio, to the satellite, and retransmitted back to the central station in a format that the receiver at the Central Station can understand. The only limitation we have seen on these products is cellular reception area the customer may live in. It is our understanding that all security cellular radios use the ATT wireless network for signal transmission, so if you live in an area that is not covered by
ATT, you may not be able to get relief as of yet by incorporating a digital radio into your security system. However, our results of installation have shown at least a 90% success rate for cellular broadcast. For more information on obtaining a cellular radio for your alarm, see our contact page.

There are other means of getting signals through via the internet, and we are currently exploring these and testing for reliability. When we have more conclusions, we will update this page.

For more technical information on this subject, please review the technical documents attached. These documents come straight from the manufacturer, so when your phone company says your analog alarm will work VOIP, and your central station says it will work…rest assured it’s the folks who engineer the product, and service the product who are really in the know.

One final note. We provide this type of knowledge to try to resolve some of the confusion, because we truly want you to have adequate security. We are very well known for being an honest, up front business with no hidden agenda, and no sales and marketing schemes to get you to buy product. We simply want to be known by our level of customer service, and our genuine concern for everyone’s safety.

Pelco Security Camera Systems Are among the Best in the World

Pelco is the largest manufacturer of the video surveillance equipment in the world. Pelco offers the widest selection of video security products available together with a complete line of security camera systems. All of the Pelco security camera systems are fully compatible with their entire product line. This means that when you use a Pelco surveillance camera that you buy guaranteed to get a complete imaging solution.

There are three basic types of Pelco security camera systems available. Pelco s Camclosure integrated camera system combines a camera, lens and housing in a compact, robust unit that is perfect for a basic installation of inside or outside. Of course, each unit with lots of options and features to meet your specific needs to be adjusted. Each unit is extremely compact and easy to install.

The Spectra III positioning system is a high speed dome system that comes with many different camera lens and housing options. The Spectra-system is one of the more specialized Pelco security camera systems because it contains state-of-the-art technology, back window blanking box memory and custom camera settings.

Pelco s Esprit integration system is the industry’s only fully integrated pan/tilt style security system. Because you can customize any Pelco Esprit system with a variety of camera/lens and software options and still hand an unparalleled high speed performance in a complete package port, this system is the most versatile pan/tilt system is available. It’s easy to see why Pelco security camera systems are a popular choice.

In addition, all of the Pelco security camera systems built with Pelco s LowLight technology that automatically adjusts the shutter speed when conditions become darker. Pelco security camera systems are also designed to be vandal and impact resistant and can handle extreme temperature conditions. They even offer specialized versions explosion proof as well as models that can withstand extreme pressure conditions.

All of the Pelco products are supported by an extensive customer service and product warranty along with free technical support. If you are in the market for video security equipment, you should take a look at what Pelco has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

Hidden Digital Camera And Have Peace Of Mind

Safety of your home and the people within the house is a great concern. There are a lot of options that you can have when it comes to effective home safety. If you will do your homework on this make a difference, you will be surprised with the selection of goods accessible in the marketplace. You can foundation your option on what your house really requirements. These are the typical products for safety that you can choose from.

Dome safety cameras are installed on the ceiling. Some people don’t even realize that there is a camera on the ceiling. An intruder will also discover it tough to see you where the digital camera is pointing because the dome addresses it up. It’s also more tough to tamper with dome cameras.

Now normal citizens by the millions use concealed cameras to view their businesses, check on marital indiscretions, provide house security, and perhaps the biggest use is as a nanny camera to watch the kids and see what the babysitter is doing.

The utilizes for a covert hidden camera are endless. There are home, office and company programs. Undercover law enforcers and authorities agencies have been utilizing them for years but now they are priced so reduced that anyone can get 1. And easy to use? You wager.

The main purpose of a spy camera is to view a subject with out the topic knowing. Clearly you can’t just follow somebody about with a big shoulder mounted digital camera, which is why you Need a spy digital camera. Just believe about have the capability to document memorable occasions, or the ability to record someone’s steps for later use. Of course the actions you take with your spy camera are yours and yours alone, but we can tell you a few of the issues that you should be looking for when you purchase a spy camera.

And so we put together them to endure from the time they are born or do we permit them the joys of expanding up. With three many years becoming the entry age for children to join college, more and more, parents are sending their toddlers to play schools to ready themselves for the journey forward. But we did not want our child to deliver to the treatment take centre so quickly. We did not want our child to skip her own surrounding which she is used to have in her house. Nevertheless children really feel secure in their personal atmosphere. Thought the little one may not be able to communicate up or share his/her feelings with us, but we as mothers and fathers have to comprehend their emotions and we have to save them from their fear.

Sad to say but infidelity has turn out to be almost acknowledged any longer. What is your partner doing when you are not around? Or do you need evidence in an abuse spy cameras for home situation? Domestic violence is still very huge.

In addition, you can use your spy camera pen to document videos or capture images for individual functions. Simply because the recordings are usually saved in an SD card, you can easily transfer them to your pc for playback. This gadget can offer you with substantial benefits. It can help you track your everyday activities and even serve as evidence in case something goes incorrect.

Remote Security Camera Can Be Set Up In Wired

Remote security camera can be set up in wired or wireless configuration. Wireless camera usage 802.11 Wi-Fi signals to direct the pictures in real-time to a surveillance software suite on a personal computer. They still need wires for authorization. Wired cameras are hard-wired and can use a coaxial line, an Ethernet line or a power line network, where the signal is sent over the house power circuit.

Recognise the best position for the security camera. If you are setting up just one distant security camera, you should application it to safeguard the entrance and exit of the area you want to safeguard. That way, there’s a good possibility you will capture a likeness of someone who is up to no good. If you have more view cameras, use them in additional spots.

Mount the camera. Avoid pointing the camera into direct sunlight. Try to mount the camera in a shady spot rather than in a full sun. You will need access to it to clean the lens from time to time, so don’t mount it too far out of reach. Remember that you will need access to power, even if the camera is wireless. Use outdoor cameras outside only, although you can use an indoor camera pointing out of a window.

Run any wires and install any control software and video cards on the computer. For a wireless application or a network power line application, simply run the power cable from the camera to a household outlet. For a hard-wired application, run the coaxial cable from the camera to the video card on the computer. For a classic network solution, run Ethernet cable to the router from the camera.

Focus the camera. Enlist the help of a buddy. One person can adjust the focus ring on the lens, while the other checks the quality on the computer monitor.

Home Video Surveillance–Peace of Mind through Wireless Technology

Home video surveillance used to be a costly and time-consuming project–but not anymore. A homeowner who is away on holiday or at work while contractors in her house can now access the webcam external feed via an IP address to see if something is wrong. Parents can watch that their child’s nanny and property owners can ensure that their rental properties are safe and secure with best rates guaranteed.

Home video security systems can count on wireless IP technologies, wireless sensors and webcam surveillance in order to meet the security needs for each homeowner budget. It is estimated that more than half of home monitoring systems purchased today are using wireless technologies. Jeff Hoover, says the past President of the Custom Electronics Design and installation Association, “as video systems get better and cheaper, more and more people begin to use them.”

Before the popularity of the webcam, tiny spy cameras or wireless video cameras, were the only option for cheap home monitoring. Price between $ 130 to $ 500, send these cameras their video signals (434 MHz, 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz) and a local base station. From there, the images can then be displayed on a TV, mobile phone, PDA, laptop or desktop computer. This surveillance cameras, which can be hidden in the clocks and smoke detectors, be bought to watch in the home, sometimes without their knowledge to patronize. Unfortunately, if the cameras in the low-end price points, there is a greater chance that their wireless signals can be picked up by “war-drivers,” that cruise the streets trying to hack into homeowners wireless signals. However, the higher-end cameras provide encrypted transmission and tie in standard WiFi networks.

SVAT electronics of Niagara Falls, Ontario, is the new GX5150 Baby Monitor home surveillance system with a tilting screen plus night vision equipped with eight infrared led lights to light up the baby in the blackness preview. Additionally, it is GX5400-system a nanny-cam that contains a memory card, and connects up to four cameras simultaneously, so that parents their cameras images via a personal Internet IP address control.

On the high side of the consumer products is home surveillance market the Smartvue S2. This system works with the pre-standard with WiFi 802. 11n, with which the cameras to send signals to a base station up to 800 metres away. The images of this wireless IP camera are extremely sharp (720 x 480 pixels) and deliver a frame rate of 30 images per second. The camera can also be used for low light conditions.

Motorola offers the Easy Start Kit HMEZ1000, priced at $ 280. The Easy Start comes with two movement and sound-detection cameras, along with sensors that the homeowner a warning if a door is open, if there is a leak, if there are temperature fluctuations, or if someone is approaching the front door. Once the images are included, they are sent through a broadband connection with a computer, PDA or mobile phone. Homeowners can also buy motion sensors without cameras that thoughtful the homeowner to intruders with high-frequency radio signals. In other sensor systems, infrared light is applied to the heat.

With a webcam surveillance system detects software, such as EvoCam (for Mac users) and TinCam (for PC users) movement, so that recording only occurs when something in movement for the motion sensors. The webcam does this by capturing two images, and then compare them for differences. This set-up saves space on hard disk memory and time because the images are per email sent directly to the user. These software applications allow the user to host the images via the built-in web server so that he or she can easily access them via a static IP address can also. The user must not forget to set up a port on the firewall to see the images.

Some of the disadvantages of the use of webcams for homeland security include their fixed positions that limit their reach, and the fact that they are USB devices that can not more than 16 feet away from the computer or the USB hub. In addition, perform webcams not generally well under low-light conditions compared to most wireless IP video cameras, so one should not forget to switch on a light for extra lighting.

Today, homeowners can choose from a variety of home monitoring options that give a sense of security when they are away from home. If there are any problems, they know that they will be alerted quickly. Home surveillance technology will only get smaller, faster and more reliable within the next few years, such as computers and cameras work together to ensure security with a touch of a button.

Biometric Gun Safes-Need for Security

I think we almost all seen news accounts several times in relation to young people get into stuff that they don’t need to have access to and thus inadvertently inflicting damage to his or her self or maybe other people. Along with all these sad reports are scenarios of children obtain unlocked firearms and, thinking that they really are toys, injury or maybe killing his or her self and sometimes other people. It is sad to hear of this kind of news stories, and we hope that it increases the understanding of other people that firearms should constantly be treated with respect.

Understand that, it becomes quite clear that measures should be implemented to make sure to come out this kind of weapons not in possession of children without supervision. They are usually very dangerous in untrained hands and fingers in particular not be viewed. Understand that, it’s pretty obvious that measures should be envisaged for you to make sure come this kind of weapons not in the non-supervised hands and fingers of children.

In accordance with that recognition, I personally a biometric gun safe (also known as fingerprint gun safe). The biometric gun safe contains the most recent technological innovation along with ease of use even while ensuring the protection, while the storage of firearms. Biometric gun safes are generally very safe as the key to unlocking them you’re one of a kind of fingerprint. Many individuals can be programmed into the device that allows the owner to access a number of users while not should concern yourself with duplicate keys floating around. Having regard to the fact that each fingerprint is unique for that man or woman, it is positive that no unauthorized user able to go to the safe is possible.

When a child or several other undesirable individual attempts to gain access to the vault, it’s going to be just beep and no access to them. Still, any time the high definition scanner fingerprint of a person against his recorded memory checks and searches for a match, the door would open immediately without the need for a key or combination. Through the use of a biometric gun safe at home, you will be able to sleep well during the night and realize that your family are safe.

Best Nanny Camera-Keeping Your Children Safe When You Are Not There

Have you gotten caught up in the trend of the nanny digital camera yet? With today’s digital society, much more and more products have arrive out to help mothers and fathers keep tabs on their kids. The nanny camera is just the newest in this area and has turn out to be a very well-liked item for numerous homes. But is it correct for you?

This means they will be spending at minimum a little bit of time in the kitchen area. Again, most of the concealed cameras that had been outlined over, will work here as well.

Does your nanny camera need to be concealed? While hidden cameras are often extremely little and handy, they sometimes absence the electronic clarity of larger spy cameras that can be placed out in the open.

Another tip is to use the digital camera’s dimension to its advantage. As opposed to SLR’s, digital cameras are a lot much more compact. It’s simpler to carry around and it’s great if you want to film some thing that requires a hidden camera. Or if you require different perspectives, the digital digital camera is perfect for that as well. For instance, you can connect the digital camera to your helmet when you’re out biking and things like that.

Another good reality is that it is a USB spy camera, so it has a USB port with the assist of which we can effortlessly load the pictures and movies on our computer systems. Furthermore, the camera is water-resistant, so there are extremely much less probabilities of harm as we often observe that most of the snappers get fault by entering of drinking water in them. The file formats which are often supported by the camera are AVI and JPEG. In addition, the digital camera arrives with the Li-ion rechargeable battery. CMOS censor is also accessible in the digital camera. The resolution supported by the snapper for the movies is 1280 x 960 and for the pictures it is 1600 x 1200. The proportions of the digital camera are twenty x 5mm / .eight x .2in (L x W).

Now pause a short whilst and just think about these factors. These benefits could be yours if you had been to investing in a concealed safety camera. Now, just believe about that. Don’t all these reasons influence you?

Next is the outside nanny spy cam higher resolution working day night colour digital camera. This bullet digital camera has fifty six infrared LEDs that allow you to see up to one hundred fifty feet away at evening. For outside cameras I always recommend one at the entrance doorway and one at the back again doorway.

Buying one should be relatively easy, but make certain you are obtaining a quality item. Try to avoid keeping cheap items simply because you can’t usually guarantee they will really function. Then they may function, but not for any extended time period of time. It’s extremely important to make sure you always get your money’s really worth, which is why you should buy top quality brand names. It may price a little bit more than you wanted to spend, but it will be quite worth it in the end. So go ahead and begin looking for spy cameras these days, and see what you can see.

Home Safety Monitoring Systems

Home security monitoring has become a common aspect of home security systems. A considerably number of companies that manufacture home protection systems also offer home security monitoring, whereby the companies respond to alarms and get paid for this service on a monthly basis. The companies that offer the home monitoring services differ in a number of aspects, some of which are critical to the effectiveness of your home security system.

Benefits of Home Security Monitoring

Home security monitoring ensures that you have peace of mind, even when you are not at home. The companies that provide monitoring services have security experts who are available around the clock to respond to any security emergencies that may arise in your home. For instance, when incidents such as fire or burglary happen in your home, the specialists assist in the speedy arrival of emergency response teams and/or the police.

Therefore, even when you’re away from home, you can be rest assured that any security emergencies will be handled comprehensively and professionally. Even when your existing home security system is from another company or if you put it in yourself, you can generally still engage the services of home monitoring companies for a monthly fee.

Consequently, you do not have to buy home security devices from a company simply because you would like to pay for their monthly monitoring services when you prefer home security devices from another manufacturer.

Many modern home security systems work seamlessly by linking automatically to monitoring companies. For instance, some security systems offer wireless transmission of signals to the alarm monitoring companies through email or by telephone. Such automation ensures quick and timely response to possible security threats within your home.

Once the signals are sent to monitoring company’s base, verification is made to ensure the alarm was not accidental, in which case emergency services are dispatched immediately. Furthermore, the monitoring companies offer maintenance services to efficiently deal with broken or malfunctioning home security system components. Naturally they do this for a fee.

Therefore, when a home security system component fails, you can simply make a call and have it fixed immediately. This level of efficiency may not be possible when dealing with a home protection company that simply sells security systems.

Drawbacks of Home Security Monitoring

Some security monitoring companies offer limited accessibility in terms of communication, which can limit their ability to respond to crises. In addition, where the home security systems are not properly linked to the monitoring company’s dispatch services, alarms can go unanswered, which can result in loss of property through home invasions, burglaries, or fires.

Moreover, some security monitoring companies have poor means of handling false alarms, which can result in constant bothers through calls. Many false alarms can result in erosion of confidence, culminating in low response time and higher risks to your homes security.


Generally, home security monitoring companies offer an invaluable service in home protection. Although considered secondary to home protection systems with regard to home security, having your security system monitored can significantly improve your home’s general safety.

Even when you are not around, you can be sure that your home is safe, and in case of security issues, the monitoring company can sufficiently deal with the problem and ensure its resolution. However, it is important that homeowners considering hiring a security monitoring company choose appropriately to ensure that they appropriately handle the security system’s alarms, especially when they pertain to actual security threats.

Benefits of Using Digital Video Surveillance Systems for Your Security Needs

The wave of the future in video surveillance is in digital video surveillance systems. In addition to the fight against terrorism, digital security systems installed in public spaces, buses, or retail centres can deter crime, the police to provide leads, helping citizens feel safer, and improvement of the economy of a crime-ridden area. This IP-based systems are not only accurate capture images, they do it in a way that is scalable within a company the current IP network with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras and advanced rapidly.

This digital surveillance systems costing upwards of a million dollars because they are the digital surveillance cameras and the required connection to the IP-based network. Although the cost of these systems is much larger than traditional CCTV surveillance systems, the advantages of using Internet surveillance systems far outweigh their initial start-up costs and most company CCTV analogue systems are now gone digital for improved performance, surveillance camera maneuverability and fast user’s feedback.

How digital surveillance systems work

A digital security system consists of hardware and software components that collect and send the information by surveillance camera using wireless technologies, fiber optic cable or using an IP-based network. Both power and data can be run on the same cable using PoE (power over Ethernet). Some cameras in a digital system perhaps their own IP-address for full access to the Internet. These monitoring images are then transferred to a PC or laptop into a centralized control room are viewed by an observer using a compact, flat-screen monitor that multi-screen displays offers. An IP-based digital system is unlike the traditional closed CCTV-system, of which the images should be checked using multiple monitors, sites, and staff.

The digital system can control data on DVR (digital video recorders), some data can be saved on to 10 weeks-much more than analog CCTV systems save. After the DVR is back-up the images, they can be exported to disk using the CD-RW drive, and then they can be sent to remote PCs, laptops or handheld devices within moments over the network. Digital recording is 24/7, without the need for cumbersome CCTV video tapes that have limited storage capacity.

Key when you set your CCTV system replaces by a digital surveillance system

When a company or Government chooses to invest in digital surveillance systems, they need to pass the time in finding out how large an area must be viewed, and also of the situational parameters to invest. A digital system requires a major investment in front, but it is guaranteed to produce a positive ROI as the cameras are well placed and the images are constantly checked.

One of the reasons for the higher cost of the digital systems on CCTV is located in the high-tech cameras, who strongly the analogue CCTV cameras surpass. The cameras have functions ranging from solid models direction-checked or dome models with automatic pan, tilt and zoom functions that sharp images in the range of 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution. With the additional zooming and panning capabilities, a surveillance camera do the work of five, which is more efficient in the long run.

And at the highest end, there are cameras with an infrared capabilities to get movement and changes in light regardless of poor lighting conditions. Some even of this high-end cameras have 3D imaging better to suspects. Companies that invest in the digital system also consider camera accessories such as weather-proofing and added material that is resistant to manipulation and dangerous substances.

The successful use of an IP-based surveillance system

The Police Department in Newnan Georgia wanted a security system that can accurately capture images in public places, deliver, and archive later that images so they chose a digital security system. The Police Department are 22 cameras mounted on utility Poland property of Newnan Utilities and the surveillance software purchased from a local supplier, A-Plus Technologies. The officers browsed through the images via the Internet, where they can be picked up by the time, date, location and number of the camera. In a few months, the digital system helped officers in a drug bust and has also helped the police identify suspicious vehicles.

A promising future for IP-based surveillance systems

IP-based surveillance systems will show a lot of growth in the it and security sectors as they offer a scalable business-run solution that the advantages of flexibility and low cost of ownership. A digital system can be built within an already existing IP network will, and this fact budget Department of a company easier breathing.

Police services like in Georgia and other law enforcement agencies will also be interested in VCA (video content analysis) technology, which is much compares real-time and recorded images with a database, such as in the biometric technology. More likely to be apprehended Suspects and further crimes can be stopped when a digital camera picture of their faces are compared in a criminal database. VCA will also greatly increase the efficiency of the operators of the CCTV in their efforts to monitor and analyze an overwhelming amount of video content.

A Hidden Camera for Your Home

When you have small children and teenagers, a hidden camera or two about the house can be very useful. When children are small, it helps to ensure that they are protected from babysitters and nannies that might try to abuse them. As your children grow into teenagers, the hidden camera takes on a new mission: to make sure that they are obeying the rules, even when you are away from home.

Many sitters and nannies feel that it is okay to abuse children to get them to behave. Others simply ignore small children, taking your money but not really taking care of the children. Both of these scenarios are unacceptable. But how can you determine what goes on in your home while you are out? The simple solution is to have a hidden camera (or two or three) secreted about the house. Then you can see how the sitter treats your children. If it is bad, the hidden camera can serve as evidence if you wish to press charges or recover damages.

Other parents worry about leaving their teenagers home by themselves. Will they have parties? Get into the liquor cabinet? Again, a hidden camera can help you keep tabs on what your kids do when you leave home. If you let them know that you do have cameras in the house, but do not tell them where, it is likely that they will be on better behavior while you are gone.

And that is the beauty of the hidden camera. These devices are cleverly disguised as regular, normally functioning household items. Clocks, wall paintings, smoke detectors, and even can openers can all contain cameras while perfectly performing their regular functions. There are even clock radio alarms that will still wake you up (and that you can hit snooze on) and still record what is going on in the room. Additionally, there are plenty of listening devices that can also be disguised as regular items, and that can supplement the visuals you receive from the cameras. You can know exactly what is going on in your home when you have a hidden camera.