Covert GSM Camera offers Complete Wireless Security with Unparalleled Convenience

TrackingTheWorld, a leading developer of GPS tracking devices and accessories, is pleased to announce the launch of the firm’s covert GSM security camera, a durable all-in-one device offering reliable wireless security for homes, businesses, private investigators and law enforcement agencies.

Gilbert Walz, TrackingTheWorld CEO, said the GSM camera goes beyond the capabilities of typical security cameras to offer a complete covert security system featuring sensor connectors for up to 15 other security devices and full remote access via cell phone or email. “The design of this camera plus the ability to fully-control it from a remote location make it absolutely ideal for covert security operations and monitoring multiple security devices such as smoke sensors and door alarms,” he said.

Users may select from several alarm modes including the option to receive automatic alerts whenever motion is detected. In addition, the camera can be programmed to deliver regularly-scheduled status reports and responds to on-demand requests for spot photos, video, and remote sound monitoring. Through the camera’s MMS messaging capabilities, images files are delivered to a cell phone or email address for immediate viewing.

Other features include an infrared light for clear images in dark environments, and a Lithium-Ion battery pack for seamless operation during power failures. Two remote controls with panic buttons are also included.

The 300-pixel tri-band CMOS camera is conveniently configured with pre-loaded operating software and a pre-paid AT&T SIM card which will provide service for one month or longer with standard use. “This device is easily-installed and comes with everything necessary to get started with successful covert monitoring,” said Walz. The covert GSM camera is available for purchase at TrackingTheWorld.Com for $345.