GE Wireless Security System

What makes a good home alarm system the best home alarm system? GE Wireless Security System found a way to make their product even better! It starts with great technology, state-of-the-art monitoring center, a group of dedicated security specialists, and 24/7 customer service that contributes to a homeowner’s peace of mind!

GE Wireless Security System offers packages that combine surveillance, detection, access control, environmental monitoring, as well as fire and burglary. With GE Wireless Security, it is never a one size fits all package. packages to suit every need and budget are offered for greater flexibility. The packages can be for single homes to multi-family, condominiums, apartment buildings and even detached buildings. Flexibility and customization make this security system one the easiest to work with.

GE Wireless Security System Pro 400 Network X

This package is perfect for the alarm system requirements of a small residential home. It can be expanded to 4 programmable zones, each with its own set of customized options that can be changed from the touchpad. It is capable of having the system transmit wirelesslly or it can be hardwired into the phone lines. It can also accommodate up to 8 user codes and has 1 panic code. Fire and burglar alarms are covered and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Security Pro 400 Network X can be expanded to the next level should the needs of the homeowners change. It can be fully integrated into other Network X Packages.

GE Wireless Security System Pro 600 Network X and the Pro 800 Network X:

This package has all the features of the Pro 400 Network X, plus an additional 2 programmable zones for a total of 6. All zones are programmed to monitor fire and burglary. There are also smoke detectors for added security and safety. There are 40 user codes available for use.

On the other hand, the Pro 800 Network X starts with 48 programmable zones which can all be wireless. Smoke detectors can also be integrated into the system. Fire and burglar alarms are monitored round-the clock.

Like the Pro 400 Network X, this GE Wireless Security System is backed by the latest technology and a monitoring center that addresses all concerns of the homeowners. Calls to and from the center are recorded and monitored, alarms are checked every single time by calls to the homeowners phones and email notifications go out simultaneously. Non-response calls are escalated to the next level and help is dispatched without further delays.

For condominiums, apartment buildings and multi-family homes, GE Wireless Security System has the GE Security Pro 801 Network Systems and The GE Security Pro 500 Hardwire Systems. These systems offer a wider range of monitoring services, more programmable zones that can all be customized from the touchpads and monitoring round-the-clock.

GE Wireless Security System has proven itself to be the best for residential and institutional use. Calling the monitoring center is easy, because there’s just one number to remember. Routing of calls happens in seconds, so the right department always knows the reason for the call, whether it’s technical assistance or billing questions. With GE Wireless Security System, help is always just one phone call away.