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Home Security Products That Can Meet Budget

There’s a good reason as to why you should have your chosen home security products in mind before you start shopping, and that’s because there really is no end to the number of products and gadgets you can purchase. If you have an unlimited budget and an understanding spouse, then by all means, go for it. But for most people, being in a home security products store can be like a kid in a candy store – your eyes get big, you start drooling, and then next thing you know you walk out of there with far too many things you don’t need.

To keep you from making that mistake, here is a basic list of the most commonly chosen home security products on the market and their use.


An alarm system is pretty straightforward; you hook it up to doors and windows and then it either uses a wire or a wireless signal that connects to the keypad. When the alarm is activated, anything that breaks that signal causes the alarm to be tripped.

Some persons on a limited budget or who live in apartments where they can’t install this type of home security product still have many options open to them. Standalone alarms come in a variety of models. For example, there are some that you attach to a door or window and which use a signal between two pieces. If that signal is broken by someone opening the window or door, an alarm is sounded. There is also another type called a doorstop alarm; this looks something like a regular doorstop with a little “tongue” that slide partway under the door, with an alarm mechanism behind it. If the door is opened just a little bit, it will hit that alarm mechanism and cause it to be sounded. These types of small, inexpensive home security products are great options for those who don’t want to invest a lot of money or who may be intimated by complete alarm systems.


Closed circuit cameras are fast becoming very commonly used home security products, as they are becoming more and more affordable. They are easy to install and can be wired or send a wireless signal to virtually any VCR or DVR, or can send a signal to an internet address so that you can log on and view the live feed. Anyone interested in keeping an eye on their home when they’re not away will appreciate this type of home security product, especially if you have children or elderly relatives that are home while you’re at work and need that extra monitoring.

Some have even found that fake cameras work great as home security products. They come with a wire and a little red light that makes them look very real. Of course, they’re not as good as a real alarm as they serve little purpose if someone does actually break in, but can still be a deterrent to any would-be thief.

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