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Home Security Camera Systems

There are several parts included in home security camera systems. Anyone looking to install any type of security camera in their home or around their property may want to consider this option if they are just starting out, or if they want to be sure they get all the needed components. Home security camera systems take the guesswork out of installing cameras – and in making sure they’re going to work properly.


For those who don’t yet know, DVR stands for Digital Video Records. These machines have replaced VCRs as they record on DVDs rather than videotapes. If you’re looking for home security camera systems that actually tape the video they pick up, you need some type of DVR. Most DVRs have at least four channels, meaning they can handle four cameras at once. Some have up to eight channels. If you’re looking for home security camera systems with more than one camera, make sure your DVR has enough channels to support the number of cameras you’re getting. Your retail store can help you choose the right model.


There are many different types of cameras available with your home security camera systems. Most homeowners opt for the bullet style, which cuts down on glare and allows for a wider angle of the lens. Of course there are dome style cameras which mount on a ceiling, but these are rarely used in homes.


You’ll need enough cable to run from your cameras to your DVR. Most home security camera systems come with an adequate amount of cable, but you can also purchase more for cameras that you want to mount further away.


You can of course just record from your cameras and play it back on your television, but most prefer a separate monitor to watch their video as its being recorded. Home security camera systems usually come with a monitor included, but of course you can purchase others if you want. They are usually as big as a computer screen so that they can be easily placed wherever you want to watch your video feed.

When purchasing a home security camera system to watch the video feed over a website, you may not need any additional monitors as you can log in right from your computer.

Building Your Own System

Many stores that sell home security camera systems allow you to build your own system by picking and choosing the cameras, monitors, and DVRs that you want. They can usually recommend the amount of cable you’ll need, the power supply and any accessories you may be interested in. You may want some extra wall brackets and mounts, or need some additional lengths of cable. They’ll let you know just what you need to do to plan and configure your own home security camera system, how many cameras you’ll need, and so on.

And of course by planning your own system, you can be sure that you’ll be sticking to your budget and not getting unnecessary items or upgrades.

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