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Best Android Antivirus 2015 for Android Mobile Phones

Best Android Antivirus 2015

A list of Best Android Antivirus 2015 for Android Mobile Phones is now available for all android users that they can use free version and premium version. They can get these antivirus from play store or antivirus official sites. Due to increasing demand of android devices there is s need to secure android devices with top and highly safe antivirus that will safeguard their android devices while using it, in background. It is important, bacause these viruses may cause serious damage to our devices, by not only deleting our personal files, but also disturbing whole device. So we have got a list of Best Android Antivirus 2015 for Android Users.

Need of Antivirus:

Due to invention of new Dendroid virus that is damaging most of android cell phones in india and other countries. Due to emerging security risks there was a need to secure android cell phones, that may help to secure android OS completely with confidence. There are dozens of android security tools and antivirus tools that are used now a days, but after buying a premium service which is best android antivirus for 2015, it will be discussed here, so that you may buy 2015 best Android Antivirus for your device.

List of 2015 Best Antivirus For Android:

1. AVG Antivirus – 2015 Best Antivirus:

AVG Antivirus for Android Devices is considered at top in 2015 Android Antivirus applications. These are only suitable for Android tablets and phones, and not suitable for PC. This available for free and Its user rating is 4.4.

Features of AVG Antivirus:

Deep Scanning of media files and apps in real time.

Find lost phone by using this Best android antivirus 2015 app.

Lock your privacy in few minutes to protect you data.

Amazing task manager, that manages apps by their usage.

Download AVG Antivirus for Android Apk file:

Play Store | Website

2. 360 Security Antivirus– (Free Version)

360 Security Antivirus is a free and best Best android antivirus 2015. Android User have rated 360 Security Antivirus at 4.4 and it is ranked 2nd. Its main actions are also ultimate scanning of files and remove infected files that may be harmful for android devices.

360 Security Antivirus Features:

Extensive scan of Device and shutting down all the non working apps.

Removing internet and device Usage history in few clicks.

Smart and easy cleaning of apps. deletes apps safely to help to protect your device

Block disturbing and unknown calls that you don’t want to listen, or if you are sick of someone.

360 Security Apk Free Download: Play Store or | Official Website

3. Avast Mobile Security – (Free)

Avast Mobile security is considered as Best Android Security 2015 to protect your device in both conditions either online or offline. On play store, Avast mobile security has got 4.4 rating by its users. It gives security as well as smart cleaning of virus or infected files in few seconds.

Avast Mobile Security Features:

Remove spyware, virus, and malware very easily with just few clicks.

Latest and advanced modified anti-theft device that will help to safeguard your data.

Find your lost mobile by using Avast Mobile Security easily.

Other features are firewall, app manager and network meter.

Download 360 Security: Play Store | Website

4. NQ Mobile Security – (Free) Android Phones Antivirus 2015:

NQ Mobile Security is an award winning antivirus tool and it is best antivirus for android mobile phones in 2015. It has got 4.4 users rating on google play store. This Top android antivirus offers awesome Android devices security.

NQ Mobile Security New Features:

Anti-spam Features

Security protection

use its advanced uninstall manager to safely uninstall apps.

Best Android internet security tool.

360 Security for Android: Play Store | Website

5. Dr. Web Antivirus Light – Best Android Phones Antivirus 2015 (Free)

This is one of the best antivirus android tool suitable for android devices. The ratings for this tool is about 4.4 on the Google play store.

Features of Dr. Web Antivirus Light

The exciting feature like real time file scanning using the SplDer Guard monitor is something to watch out for.

It protects the SD card from various virus and avoid getting infected.

It helps in recovering deleting data from devices and their SD card.

The anti-virus protection features present in this tool makes it one of the best anti-virus tool in 2015.

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