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Benefits of Installing a Wireless Home Security System

There are many reasons for a home security system such as theft deterrent, monitoring of the safety and security of your pets while you are away, alerting you of intruders, and just providing you with a larger piece of mind to install. If you are thinking of installing a security system, you might want to consider a wireless home security system simply select because there are so many great designs on the market today and they are much easier and less expensive to install. A wireless home security system will provide you with all the benefits of a great security system without the hassle and mess of bore holes and digging of trenches to have it installed.

There are many different companies that wireless home security systems. One of the most popular companies is X 10 that the Protector Plus system. When the alarm is activated, the system sounds a siren, flashing lights, and a maximum of four preset numbers provide a pre-recorded message will be automatically chosen. This system is easy to install yourself and offers complete security with 16-zone coverage of your home with sensors for movements, door and a window.

The advantage of using a wireless home security system like x 10 s Protector Plus is that there is no monthly service fees. Traditional home security systems are supplied with a steep monthly fee to cover the costs of having a monitoring service of the company phone calls to the police, etc. The Protector Plus system is an automated call phone numbers previously warn you itself has the phone call and thus avoid the monthly cost of a monitoring service.

Another great benefit of using a wireless home security system is the ease of installation over traditional wired models. A wireless home security system uses small radio instead of wires to the necessary signals between the system sensors and Control Panel. This means there is no drilling required and the system you can take with you when you move.

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