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Benefits of Having Security Surveillance Camera

Whether it’s because of novels such as Nineteen Eighty-four or contemporary reality-based television shows, is the idea that “big brother” can always watch floating around in the minds of people for decades. But how close are we to having a world where everything is recorded by a surveillance camera surveillance? Closer than you may think.

When the United States Government formed the DHS following the terrorist attacks of 11 september 2001, the goal was to give the vast resources of the nation-America and the lives of its citizens more secure to use. If the Department has evolved over the past decade, as has also its resources-both financially and by the growing scale of technology. Every year millions of dollars in subsidies given to cities and States around the country help facilitate developments in individual and collective security.

A good example of this money at work is the virtual shield operation, which is currently being carried out by the city of Chicago after being implemented by Mayor Richard Daley. At a cost of more than $ 200 million, of which the majority was paid through grant, connects the program video systems in the city’s largest and most complex video system in the country. This is an unprecedented use of the security surveillance camera.

Led by a central control system that thousands of video systems on a single hub connects, his law enforcement officials in State to the majority of the city from one location in real-time. Advances in technology have also allowed a surveillance camera equipped with facial recognition software for identifying potential offenders on a crime scene before police arrive.

The scope of the network is expansive and growing larger. Municipal officials expect to have video systems at each intersection in the next five years, making the entire area are under constant watch 24 hours a day.

Chicago is not the only place in America where video systems of this nature are popping up. Some 5000 traffic cameras were recently installed in Washington DC for a linked network to which the City Police Department to certain blocks and intersections on a continuous basis.

Video systems of this nature are also common on large sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, the World Series and other high-profile events. Banks of cameras equipped with facial recognition software be used to scan the crowd on such events and go to potential threats as suspicious persons or those with pending warrants.

American cities are not alone in this endeavor. The Chinese Government recently launched a similar project with a much wider range. Plans for her Golden Shield Project include millions of cameras all over the country and a central computer system that a photo of every registered citizen will contain. This would allow individuals to be tracked by a security surveillance camera wherever they go at all hours of the day.

Such a broad approach to the control of the citizens not likely in America’s future any time soon, but that’s not to say that it is not at all. Progress in the tracking technology continue to allow Big Brother to have the potential for a steady eye in the sky, and you never know when he via a security surveillance camera watch can.

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